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Reviewers entranced by Collins' 'perfectly constructed work of fiction', The Betrayals

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Critics were bound together by Bridget Collins' The Betrayals (The Borough Press) this week. Holly Williams couldn't recommend The Binding author's latest title enough: "If you’re looking for an absorbing, transporting work of fiction — and why would you not be? — The Betrayals is just the thing." Whilst the Guardian's Stevie Davies called the fantasy title a "jeu d’esprit, an exuberant melange of genres that includes fantasy, gothic, fable, political allegory, romance, mystery and scholastic parody." Over in Woman & Home, Zoe West called the title a "captivating, imaginative tale." 

Ed Caesar's The Moth and the Mountain: A True Story of Love, War and Everest (Viking) reached new heights in this weeks reviews. Named a Guardian Book of the Day, Sam Wollaston commented: "Wilson’s story is bonkers, but also beautiful." The Observer's Robert Penn heralded the books as a "riveting tale of trauma, spiritual awakening and postwar derring-do." The Times gave the biography a near perfect review: "This bonkers ripping yarn of derring-don’t is a hell of a ride. It is an eye-opener into the mind of a daredevil." Finally, James McConnachie dubbed the title "urgent" and "humane" in the Sunday Times

Chris Bryant's The Glamour Boys (Bloomsbury) was heralded as "fascinating" by this weekends critics. In the Evening Standard, Marcus Field called the title a "fascinating story of 10 MPs whose sexuality, Bryant argues, caused them to be peculiarly alert to the threat that Nazism posed." On the story of a group of young, queer British MPs who visited Berlin on a series of trips in the 1930's, the Guardian's Simon Callow commented that Bryant "handled the difficult form of group biography skilfully, using a great deal of never before published material."

Tamsin Hackett, Books Co-ordinator, The Bookseller

Bridget Collins

4.33 out of 5

5 reviews

From the Number 1 bestselling author of THE BINDING If everything in your life was based on a lie Would you risk it all to tell the truth?

Ed Caesar

4.18 out of 5

5 reviews

The untold story of Britain's most mysterious mountaineering legend - Maurice Wilson - and his heroic attempt to climb Everest. Alone.

Chris Bryant

4.00 out of 5

3 reviews

We like to think we know the story of how Britain went to war with Germany in 1939, but there is one chapter that has never been told. In the early 1930s, a group of young, queer British MPs visited Berlin on a series of trips that would change the course of the Second World War.