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10,000 Not Out by David Butterfield

10,000 Not Out: The History of The Spectator 1828 - 2020

David Butterfield

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Imprint: Unicorn Publishing Group
Publisher: Unicorn Publishing Group
Publication date: 23 Apr 2020
ISBN: 9781912690817
3 stars out of 5
Michael White
14 Jun 2020

"Butterfield seems happy to endorse the self-congratulatory, triumphalist tone that increasingly marked the Thatcher-to-Brexit decades"

Butterfield is a classics don at Queens’ College, Cambridge, and an authority on the Epicurean philosopher Lucretius, which may help explain his passion for The Spectator. He has written this labour of love in a lively, even jaunty style. This serves the reader well for two thirds of the book, though his declared indifference to politics ensures that we learn less about the Spec’s attitude towards Hitler (ambiguous for too long) or the Suez invasion (admirably savage) than about the mysterious identity of a waspish academic gossip columnist trading as Mercurius Oxoniensis (Hugh Trevor-Roper, it turns out, not Rod Liddle).