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A User's Guide to Make Believe Reviews

A User's Guide to Make Believe by Jane Alexander

A User's Guide to Make-Believe

An all-too-plausible thriller that will have you gripped

Jane Alexander

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Category: Thrillers, Fiction, Fantasy
Imprint: Allison & Busby
Publisher: Allison & Busby
Publication date: 18 Jun 2020
ISBN: 9780749024345

A virtual reality programme that lets you live out your fantasy. It sounds like the dream, doesn't it? But Cassie's not so sure.

4 stars out of 5
Allan Massie
4 Feb 2020

" while this novel succeeds as entertainment, it is also one to make you think"

That’s the set-up for what becomes a gripping and disturbing thriller. It’s gripping because it tells a good story, and offers a puzzle to be investigated in the classic style of this kind of fiction. In the modern manner it is a bit wordy, scenes prolonged after the point has been made, though readers capable of understanding the hi-tech and scientific jargon and long explanations of how Make-Believe works may not share this reservation. But it’s a classic quest novel and Cassie is an engaging and credible character. Moreover, though they may skip some paragraphs because they don’t understand anything of what they are being told, the plot is strong enough to hold any reader’s attention.