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After the Fall by Tobias Buck

After the Fall: Crisis, Recovery and the Making of a New Spain

Tobias Buck

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Category: Non-fiction, Travel
Imprint: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 25 Jul 2019
ISBN: 9781474610070

Spain is facing its biggest crisis since Franco - but what lead to this moment and what could it mean for Britain and the rest of Europe?

4 stars out of 5
2 Aug 2019

"A diligent account of the country’s recent travails — and its slow, painful route out of them"

After the Fall provides a superbly documented, diligent account on Spain’s recent travails — and its slow, painful route out of them. Even before the crisis, the post-Franco system was tottering on the edge; post-crisis, it is in free fall. What comes next? Hopefully, Buck’s successor will let us know.


4 stars out of 5
Gerard DeGroot
20 Jul 2019

"Spain’s economic collapse was severe, but the mood is still remarkably cheerful"

After the Fall is not just about fat-cat bankers who led their country astray, but also about ordinary people who paid dearly for inane economic management. David Pérez left school early to take a job in a window factory, putting little rubber seals in aluminium frames. The work was dreadfully boring, but he earned enough to buy a BMW. Then the crash came and he lost everything. Now he’s just a statistic — one of Spain’s millions of long-term unemployed, a new underclass for whom precarious is a way of life.