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Against Memoir and Other Stories Reviews

Against Memoir and Other Stories by Michelle Tea

Against Memoir

Michelle Tea

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Imprint: And Other Stories
Publisher: And Other Stories
Publication date: 24 Aug 2019
ISBN: 9781911508625

A queer countercultural icon opens up about all things artistic, radical and romantic. Winner of the PEN American Center essay prize.

4 stars out of 5
Sarah Ditum
19 Oct 2019

"These jagged, intoxicating pieces from the cult American author chronicle two fraught decades for feminism and lesbianism"

As a collection, this book suffers from the bittiness that afflicts many writers who work for multiple outlets primarily on the internet. One thing Tea hasn’t tried to fix for republication is the jolt of moving from smartmouthed xoJane-style blogging to the frank and fierce pieces about her own pregnancies or her family’s poverty that ran in N+1 and Harper’s. But the jaggedness is also the point. Against Memoir chronicles a spectacularly fraught couple of decades for feminism and lesbianism, sometimes dramatising those stresses in the clash of voices between then-Michelle and now-Michelle. Times change and people change and new information comes to light, but Tea crashes on in the thrilling project of continually inventing herself.