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American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson

American Spy

Lauren Wilkinson

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Category: Thrillers, Fiction
Imprint: Dialogue Books
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 4 Jul 2019
ISBN: 9780349701004

A black female spy goes undercover in Cold War-era Africa in this electrifying debut novel of race, loyalty, espionage and love, inspired by true events.

4 stars out of 5
Sharmaine Lovegrove
9 Jun 2019

"the Cold War from a fresh perspective"

After the hype of Deutschland 86 and that incredible female espionage wardrobe, I am excited to be reading American Spy, with its view of the fray of the Cold War from a fresh perspective. Marie Mitchell, a black female spy, goes on a mission to track down Thomas Sankara, the African Che Guevara, and has to choose between love, her family and her country.