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Analogia Reviews

Analogia by George Dyson

Analogia: The Entangled Destinies of Nature, Human Beings and Machines

George Dyson

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2 reviews

Imprint: Allen Lane
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication date: 18 Aug 2020
ISBN: 9781846147449

How did we end up in a world where humans coexist with technologies we can no longer fully control or understand?

3 stars out of 5
26 Sep 2020

"George Dyson is the latest science historian to predict that the technology we create will end up enslaving us"

Analogia is not Zen and the Art… It never quite builds its earthy, practical parts and its transcendent visionary parts into a unified picture. But even in its failure, it is poetic, and sad, and lovely. You may, if you like, put that sentence on the blurb.



3 stars out of 5
28 Aug 2020

"Analogia encapsulates many tales"

Thus, Dyson also takes us on an odyssey of discovery. Analogia encapsulates many tales. Among them is the story of how US hostilities with the Chiricahua Apaches ended when the US Army Signal Corps deployed the first large-scale high-speed all-optical digital telecommunications network, as well as how a murder mystery in British Columbia in 1882 intersected with Dyson’s experiences on the D’Sonoqua. The former is cast as a precursor to how the National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center today gathers signals transmitted through fibre-optic cables and other imperceptible pulses of light; the latter a clue to the processes analogue systems have always used to store and remember information over time.