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Are You With Me? by Mike Chinoy

Are You With Me?

Kevin Boyle and the Rise of The Human Rights Movement

Mike Chinoy

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Imprint: The Lilliput Press Ltd
Publisher: The Lilliput Press Ltd
Publication date: 1 Mar 2020
ISBN: 9781843517726

Kevin Boyle (1943-2010) was one of the world's great human rights lawyers. In a career that lasted decades and spanned continents, he tackled issues ranging from freedom of the press to terrorism to minority rights.

4 stars out of 5
28 Mar 2020

"Mike Chinoy’s book shows how the civil rights activist went beyond Northern politics"

Boyle can be linked into a thread in Irish left politics, which includes figures as diverse as Seán McBride, Mary Robinson and the current President, Michael D Higgins, all of whom were Boyle collaborators or friends at different points. But Boyle is also part of a specifically northern story, of a desire to reject narrowness in favour of a more generous relationship between the citizen and the state. That project goes on, threatened as always by the demons of narrow sectarianism that Boyle, a cosmopolitan universalist, despised – whether in Tehran, Johannesburg or Derry.