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Art O'Brien and Irish Nationalism in London Reviews

Art O'Brien: and Irish Nationalism in London, 1900-25

Mary MacDiarmada

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Imprint: Four Courts Press Ltd
Publisher: Four Courts Press Ltd
Publication date: 19 Jun 2020
ISBN: 9781846828546
4 stars out of 5
17 Oct 2020

"a long overdue biography of one of the most fascinating characters of the Irish revolution"

The author admits that she does know the “why” concerning O’Brien’s devotion to a country that was not his home. There are glimpses here and there of the private O’Brien, who never married and spoke of the “darkness of disappointed bachelorhood” yet his motivations for eschewing a comfortable English middle-class existence remain a mystery. The irony of this is that no revolutionary figures left such a huge archive of material for future historians and the Art O’Brien collection in the National Library is one of the most comprehensive you will find from this period.