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Beneath the Streets Reviews

Beneath the Streets by Adam Macqueen

Beneath the Streets

Adam Macqueen

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1 review

Imprint: Lightning Books
Publisher: Eye Books
Publication date: 13 Apr 2020
ISBN: 9781785631733

When Jeremy Thorpe hired thugs to kill his ex-lover, they botched it. What if they had succeeded? A Robert Harris-style thriller looking at what would have happened if history had turned out just a little differently...

4 stars out of 5
Alexander Larman
17 May 2020

"this very English scandal has wit and invention to spare"

Adam Macqueen’s gripping debut novel is based on a provocative counterfactual question: what if Jeremy Thorpe and his associates had succeeded in murdering Norman Scott in 1975, rather than his dog Rinka? Macqueen’s youthful protagonist, sex worker turned reluctant investigator Tommy Wildeblood, is drawn into a grim narrative of exploitation and secret subterranean worlds, as he attempts to discover a murderer’s identity. Macqueen depicts his grim milieu engagingly – the 70s have seldom seemed so grotty and threatening...