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Beowulf Reviews

Beowulf by Maria Headley

Beowulf: a new feminist translation of the epic poem

Maria Headley

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1 review

Imprint: Scribe Publications
Publisher: Scribe Publications
Publication date: 8 Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781911617822

A new, feminist translation of Beowulf by the author of the acclaimed novel The Mere Wife

5 stars out of 5
6 Mar 2021

"This translation of Beowulf into muscular urban slang is electric"

Headley reminds us that Beowulf is a man with a body of steel, a mind of mercury and a tongue of gold. He kills three monsters, becomes a great king and lives a long life. Yet he is a remote figure, who never marries or has children. The poem tells us that the kingdoms he unites and defends fall after his death. It’s a mournful, but often moral tale. “It’s about taming wild solitary appetites,” says Headley, “and the failure to tame them.” Amen, bro.