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Bone Music Reviews

Bone Music by David Almond

Bone Music

David Almond

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Category: Children's
Imprint: Hodder Children's Books
Publisher: Hachette Children's Group
Publication date: 1 Apr 2021
ISBN: 9781444952919

The new stand-alone novel from David Almond - Bone Music is a timely masterpiece that explores the connections between the past and the present, between civilisation and wilderness. At its heart is the unforgettable Sylvia Carr, who moves from city to the forest and is 'rewilded'.

  • The TimesChildren's Book of the Week
4 stars out of 5
Alex O’Connell
27 Mar 2021

"This tale from rural Northumberland will stick with you"

This is a David Almond book so it is not merely a teenage romance, although it is that too and they make a charming couple. He explores our place in the world, our connection to nature. At some point it becomes a rather Blakean tale of self-discovery as Sylvia connects with a girl from the past and the landscape to work out what matters.

It’s rich, wise, never boring — and, although they feast on jacket potatoes and vegetable stew, there’s not a fart joke in sight.