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Boulevard Wren by Blindboy Boatclub

Boulevard Wren and other Stories

Blindboy Boatclub

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Imprint: Gill Books
Publisher: Gill
Publication date: 25 Oct 2019
ISBN: 9780717183340

More stories and musings from the anarchic mind of the Bagged One.

3 stars out of 5
24 Nov 2019

"A story can do and be whatever it wants, this collection seems to be saying"

Both of Blindboy’s short story collections present themselves as shakers of the literary world. They’re irreverent and mad. They use a hyper-colloquial register (Blindboy’s voice, even on the page, is easily recognisable). And they twist and turn through wacky, original narratives. The first was a best-seller and reader favourite. The second looks poised for much the same. But – and forgive me if I’m being elitist – I just don’t get it. The tales in Boulevard Wren and Other Stories range from cannibalism in famine-struck Ireland, to time-travel using a tweed jacket, to a boy in Trabolgan finding sex tapes of all the “Ma”s in his area. There’s certainly talent latent. In “Maura” there is tenderness to the portrayal of a young graphic designer suffering with anxiety: “You need to relax. Your life is drifting sideways, and you feel nothing you do has any meaning.”