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Brutally Honest by Melanie Brown, Louise Gannon

Brutally Honest

Melanie Brown, Louise Gannon

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Imprint: Quadrille Publishing Ltd
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 27 Nov 2018
ISBN: 9781787133525

The tell-all memoir from the loudest, proudest Spice Girl

3 stars out of 5
Laura Snapes
2 Dec 2018

"Scary Spice’s gruelling memoir of marriage to her abusive ex-husband aims to enlighten victims of domestic abuse"

Brown makes the point that if it can happen to her, it can happen to anyone. If she often does so with a loud clang – with her fame and fortune! – her candour on how abuse affected her parenting is a sobering counterweight..There’s some levity. We learn that 4am chip butties and lambrusco were a Spice Girls tradition. Her sister dated Jay-Z before Beyoncé. Apparently, there exists a celebrity dating website where men submit photos of their penises next to juice cartons for scale. Otherwise, Brutally Honest is gruelling and structurally odd. But academic frustrations are beside the point: if Brown awakens even one reader to the reality of their situation, her legacy will endure long beyond the second Spice Girls reunion.