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Comic Classics: Great Expectations Reviews

Comic Classics: Great Expectations by Jack Noel

Comic Classics: Great Expectations

Jack Noel

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1 review

Imprint: Egmont Books Ltd
Publisher: Egmont UK Ltd
Publication date: 2 Apr 2020
ISBN: 9781405294041
4 stars out of 5

"A funny, thought-provoking treat"

For seven-plus, Jack Noel’s Comic Classics: Great Expectations (Egmont) is a comic book exploration of the adventures of Pip, Miss Havisham, Magwitch and Estella, featuring much of the original language and packed with engaging doodles explaining or riffing on the story. A funny, thought-provoking treat, it’s the ideal way into an author whose verbosity is off-putting to most children, but whose meaty plots and unforgettable characters offer much.