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Commander in Cheat Reviews

Commander in Cheat by Rick Reilly

Commander in Cheat

How Golf Explains Trump

Rick Reilly

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Imprint: Headline Book Publishing
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Publication date: 2 Apr 2019
ISBN: 9781472266101

A stunning and hilarious indictment of Donald Trump's lying, cheating and poor sportsmanship on the golf course, and how those behaviours reveal the management style he has taken to the Oval Office - by the New York Times bestselling author and acclaimed sports writer.

  • The TimesBook of the Year
5 stars out of 5
Robert Crampton
22 Nov 2019

"hilarious and shocking... I thought my opinion of the 45th president could not get any lower. I was wrong. "

Commander in Cheat... is by turns hilarious and shocking. In a game that prides itself on gentlemanly conduct, Trump is exposed by numerous witnesses (most of whom are surprisingly happy to go on the record, a tribute to Reilly’s reporting skills) as a first-class cheat. He moves his ball. He plays the other guy’s ball. He takes gimmes for 6ft putts. He fakes his scorecard. I thought my opinion of the 45th president could not get any lower. I was wrong. 


4 stars out of 5
Matt Rudd
7 Apr 2019

"An eye-watering account of the president’s sporting sleights of hand"

“To say ‘Donald Trump cheats’ is like saying ‘Michael Phelps swims’,” Reilly writes... The best parts of this unrelenting hatchet job, however, are those which focus on his game and, by proxy, his character. Trump breaks the cardinal rules of golf. He drives his supercharged cart onto the green. He doesn’t take his cap off at the end of a round. He prefers to win foul than to play fair. “Somebody who wins club championships from the next state is not a gentleman,” concludes Reilly. “Somebody who makes his caddies cheat for them to earn his tip is not a gentleman. Somebody who bullies and manipulates and yells that his courses are the best in the world is not a gentleman… The truth is, the person in golf Donald Trump cheats the most is himself.”