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Dangerous Charisma Reviews

Dangerous Charisma by Stephanie Doucette, Jerrold Post

Dangerous Charisma: The Political Psychology of Donald Trump and His Followers

Stephanie Doucette, Jerrold Post

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Imprint: Pegasus Books
Publisher: Pegasus Books
Publication date: 5 Nov 2019
ISBN: 9781643132181

Offering an in-depth psychological and political portrait of what makes Donald Trump tick, Dangerous Charisma combines psychoanalysis with an investigation into the personality of the current American president. 

4 stars out of 5
Martin Chilton
3 Nov 2019

"This is a disturbing, depressing book – and there aren’t even any pictures to look at."

The book looks at Trump’s upbringing and the effects on his character of a father who repeatedly told him “to be a king, to be a killer”. Post also looks at the influence of another mentor, Roy Cohn, who was “like a second father” to the future president. Cohn, Joseph McCarthy’s right-hand man, “stressed to Trump the importance of keeping his name in the papers”. “Trump has been consumed by dreams of glory since his youth,” writes Post. “For most narcissists, the dreams are not fulfilled, the ambitions are not achieved. But what happens when the dreams of glory are achieved? There is an explosion of narcissism.”