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Dangerous Freedom Reviews

Dangerous Freedom by Lawrence Scott

Dangerous Freedom

Lawrence Scott

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Imprint: Papillote Press
Publisher: Papillote Press
Publication date: 31 Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781999776862

"They tell you one thing but you are not free." London in 1802 is a dangerous place for black people. Elizabeth d'Aviniere, the mixed race great-niece of the Lord Chief Justice, who had spent her childhood in his home, now fears for her own children's safety and yearns for her mother, an African-born enslaved woman.

4 stars out of 5
Nick Rennison
21 Mar 2021

"Scott sympathetically resurrects a life half-hidden in the shadows of history"

Trinidad-born novelist Scott has been publishing his fiction for many decades and has twice been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. His latest novel revisits the story of the mixed-race daughter of an 18th-century British admiral, previously told in the 2013 film Belle. In London in 1802, Elizabeth D’Aviniere, formerly known as Dido Belle when a ward of her father’s uncle, Lord Mansfield, is now a wife and mother. She yearns for news of her long-lost slave mother and fears for the future of her children...