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Dark Enchantment by Dorothy Macardle

Dark Enchantment

Dorothy Macardle

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Imprint: Tramp Press
Publisher: Tramp Press
Publication date: 16 Nov 2019
ISBN: 9781916434233

Written in 1953, Dark Enchantment evokes a magical pre-war France, and was written after her successful novels The Uninvited and The Unforeseen.

4 stars out of 5
Catherine Taylor
3 Jan 2020

"Dark Enchantment combines an addictive and alluring page turner with a non-judgmental portrait of a society haunted by its recent history"

In common with Macardle’s earlier fiction, Dark Enchantment uses a country’s conflicted history to fashion a tale of superstition through which to view the status quo. The country in this case is France, just after the second world war. Protagonist Juliet Cunningham pitches up in the picturesque village of Saint Jacques, dizzyingly high in the Maritime Alps, to spend a holiday with her father Frith. Frith, a well-known but underemployed actor, has had little to do with his now grown-up daughter since divorcing her mother, who later died after gambling away the family money in Monte Carlo casinos.  The father/daughter dynamic is deceptively jaunty but it is clear that, with the world still in a postwar fug, it is every person for themselves.