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Docklands: A Ghost Story Reviews

Docklands: A Ghost Story by Damian Walford Davies

Docklands: A Ghost Story

Damian Walford Davies

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Category: Poetry, Non-fiction
Imprint: Seren
Publisher: Poetry Wales Press
Publication date: 28 Feb 2019
ISBN: 9781781724934
4 stars out of 5

"captivating bundle of spectral vignettes and wry half-anecdotes"

When much new poetry looks no further than the poet’s navel, this kind of imaginative leap is a tonic. It’s familiarly eerie ground for Davies, a Cardiff University don whose previous collections gave voice to Judas and witchfinders. The plot (if that’s not too strong a word for this captivating bundle of spectral vignettes and wry half-anecdotes) unfolds through short lyrics. Its pleasures are quiet ones... I liked it very much.