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Don't Worry, Little Crab Reviews

Don't Worry, Little Crab by Chris Haughton

Don't Worry, Little Crab

Chris Haughton

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1 review

Category: Children's
Imprint: Walker Books Ltd
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
Publication date: 1 Aug 2019
ISBN: 9781406385519
4 stars out of 5

"gorgeous, wry and heart-warming"

From the inimitable Chris Haughton, meanwhile, comes Don’t Worry, Little Crab, in which two crabs, big and little, set out to explore the sea – but Little Crab is frightened by the waves. Will the tiny crustacean find the courage to go in? Onomatopoeic narration (“They go TIC-A-TAC TIC-A-TAC over the rocks”) and exciting rhythms (“Hold tight! Here it comes! WHOOSH!”) combine with Haughton’s distinctive graphic style, featuring brightly coloured crabs, collage turquoise waves and an underwater paradise. It’s a gorgeous, wry and heart-warming “you-can-do-anything” picture book.