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Elisabeth's Lists: A Family Story Reviews

Elisabeth's Lists: A Family Story by Lulah Ellender

Elisabeth's Lists: A Life Between the Lines

Lulah Ellender

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Imprint: Granta Books
Publisher: Granta Books
Publication date: 1 Mar 2018
ISBN: 9781783783830

Many years after the death of her grandmother, Lulah Ellender inherited a curious object - a book of handwritten lists.

4 stars out of 5
10 Mar 2018

"powerful and enriching"

As Ellender researches, uncovers, interprets, comments and responds to the life of her grandmother with uninhibited insight, she also finds herself working out her own place within this narrative. Early death has straddled two generations of women, and Ellender is suddenly confronted by the realisation that a hereditary gene may bring illness into her own life and that of her children. It is here that the real poignancy and originality of this book emerges: not so much in the backward look at a past generation living in an apparently rarefied world, but in the stark immediacy of the present as the threat of the cancer that Ellender’s adored mother Helen has been suffering for a while begins to accelerate