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Every Last Fear Reviews

Every Last Fear by Alex Finlay

Every Last Fear

Alex Finlay

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Imprint: Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Publication date: 2 Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781800245266

A Netflix documentary made his family infamous, a killer left them dead. Only the surviving son can uncover the truth behind the tragedy in this psychological thriller.

4 stars out of 5
17 Mar 2021

"as much family story as thriller"

So far, so so-so, in terms of plot, although Every Last Fear is written in fact in such accomplished style that one wonders who the talented Mr (or Ms) Finlay — a pseudonym — may be. Indeed, its weakness is the sense that this is mimicry of a high order, that rather than being spontaneous it knows too well what readers (and publishers) want. What redeems it is its original structure, with the tale told in part in flashback by Matt’s parents. While we know they are doomed, this becomes as much family story as thriller and, even if the twist is signalled too early, ultimately a compelling one.