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Expectation by Anna Hope


Anna Hope

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Imprint: Doubleday
Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
Publication date: 11 Jul 2019
ISBN: 9780857524904

___________________EXPECTATION is a novel of the highs and lows of friendship - how it can dip, dive and rise again. Most of all, it explores that liminal space between expectation and reality, the place - full of dreams, desires and pain - in which we all live our lives.

4 stars out of 5
Sarra Manning
9 Jun 2019

"will resonate with approximately 99% of women"

After two stunning hisorical novels, Anna Hope has turned her attention to modern life. In her latest work, she charts the course of a 10-year friendship between three women as they navigate careers, marriage and dashed dreams. Expectations will resonate with approximately 99% of women.