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Exquisite Cadavers by Meena Kandasamy

Exquisite Cadavers

Meena Kandasamy

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Category: Fiction
Imprint: Atlantic Books
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication date: 7 Nov 2019
ISBN: 9781786499653

A slim, inventive novella that questions what divides fiction and memoir - Exquisite Cadavers is a bricolage of influence and a daring modernist short.

4 stars out of 5
1 Oct 2019

"Indian political horrors alternate with domestic London life in an innovative tale that fuses reality and fiction"

Their narrative acquires weight from the annotations, which document Kandasamy’s struggle watching political events from afar, seeing friends killed and arrested. She grew up in Tamil Nadu and became a leftwing activist, but now lives in London. Kandasamy worries about absenting herself from the fight and the inadequacy of fiction: “My concerns and my solidarity align with the oppressed and the exploited. And yet, creating art under capitalism, I sit here, playing with form, with format, with fonts.” She craves the “refuge” fiction can provide, but recognises the need to bear witness to reality.