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February's Son by Alan Parks

February's Son

Alan Parks

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Imprint: Canongate Books Ltd
Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
Publication date: 31 Jan 2019
ISBN: 9781786891389

The second gripping Harry McCoy thriller from Alan Parks, the most exciting new voice in Scottish noir

3 stars out of 5
30 Jan 2019

"all the elements of a classic crime page turner are here"

All the elements of a classic crime page turner are here. The novel is just waiting to be transferred to the small screen... Parks’s writing style is to the point. The plot zips along and there are plenty of dummies and feints to keep crime fans entertained... The dialogue in February’s Son also feels strangely flat – there is little attempt made to capture the Glaswegian dialect. While there is plenty of swearing, none of it is done with the endlessly inventive style characteristic of the city... For all that, McCoy remains a character many will enjoy spending time with.


5 stars out of 5
Alastair Mabbott
20 Jan 2019

"a powerful slab of tartan noir"

The sequel to that Grand Prix de Littérature Policière-winning novel, February’s Son is a powerful slab of tartan noir... Taking place in a grim and gritty Glasgow, conjured up seemingly effortlessly from Parks’ memory, it’s a riveting book, begging to be read in as few sittings as possible. Even in the continuous torrent of new crime releases, the macabre and morally ambivalent February’s Son is not one that will be quickly or easily forgotten.