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Flowers, all sorts in blossom Reviews

Flowers, all sorts in blossom by Oisin Breen

Flower Flowers,all sorts in blossom, figs,berries and fruits forgotten

Oisin Breen

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Category: Poetry, Non-fiction
Imprint: Hybrid
Publisher: Hybrid
Publication date: 29 Mar 2020
ISBN: 9781873412046
5 stars out of 5
Fred Johnson
27 Jul 2020

"A fascinating act of cartography"

At the end of the day—or at the end of any explanation of one’s existing—the poet, being one of us after all, is striving for connection, and it is a hazard of this striving that he might as easily hook an old bicycle as a fat trout. That said, this reviewer at least was often entranced by the sheer vigour and honest gutsiness of Breen’s peregrinations, his moulding of language, even his messing about with language to explain personal relationships as well as relationships of place.

Put simply, there is much soul-searching—Gewissensprüfung—going on here throughout, and one feels that the exotic places and the familiar, the exclamations and declarations are, after all, mere symbols of the poet’s journey, indicators, if one wishes, on the laid-open map of himself. A fascinating act of cartography.