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Furious Thing Reviews

Furious Thing by Jenny Downham

Furious Thing

Jenny Downham

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Category: Children's
Imprint: David Fickling Books
Publisher: David Fickling Books
Publication date: 3 Oct 2019
ISBN: 9781788450980

Bestselling author Jenny Downham (BEFORE I DIE) has created a timely masterpiece that captures the true feelings of a teenage girl in a difficult, troubling and all-too-common situation.

1 Prize for Furious Thing

Costa Book Awards
2019 Shortlist

Costa Children’s Book Award

Judges: “A fantastic British YA novel - real, honest and occasionally harrowing, but never without humanity


  • The Sunday TimesChildren's Book of the Week
4 stars out of 5
Nicolette Jones
13 Oct 2019

"a wise, gripping and skilfully told story"

Fifteen-year-old Lexi is destructive and difficult at home and at school. Her anger is, it turns out, justified. She has a controlling would-be stepfather, John, who initially seemed a godsend to her mother, with the bonus that he brought with him his adorable son Kass...

This is a wise, gripping and skilfully told story by an award-winning writer. It is also a useful warning to young women to watch out for danger signs and not to be subdued. It gives permission to rage when fury is warranted.