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God 99 Reviews

God 99 by Hassan Blasim, Jonathan Wright

God 99

Hassan Blasim, Jonathan Wright

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Imprint: Comma Press
Publisher: Comma Press
Publication date: 26 Nov 2020
ISBN: 9781905583775
3 stars out of 5
22 Nov 2020

"This overwhelming novel by ‘Iraq’s Irvine Welsh’ captures the alienation of people exiled by conflict"

Blasim deliberately intertwines his own biography with Owl’s experiences. Stories spill into one another and truth and invention become increasingly blurred. ... Blasim’s blunt rhetoric, macabre humour and blurring of reality and imagination can feel overwhelming, but the refugee experience is traumatic: language is bewildering, memories are clouded and truth is often distorted to save lives. Blasim perfectly captures that sense of alienation.