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Guilty Reviews

Guilty by GF Newman

Guilty - Unless Proven Otherwise: A Judge John Deed Novel

GF Newman

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1 review

Category: Thrillers, Fiction
Imprint: Ashgrove Publishing Ltd
Publisher: Ashgrove Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 28 Nov 2020
ISBN: 9781853982002

John Deed is an ambitious judge. He has made many enemies during his career both as a QC and on the High Court bench, a lot of them in Government; people waiting for an opportunity to pull him down. A new story based on the television series by its author.

3 stars out of 5
Mark Sanderson
26 Oct 2020

"Final verdict? A hugely entertaining paranoid pantomime"

 If it does read like a padded-out script, and a preachy one at that (“Now more than ever we must ensure an independent judiciary is strong enough to protect justice from political malfeasance”), with screen-deep characterisation and no sign of copy-editing — “Calvin Kline underwear” suggests someone’s got Kevin Kline and his knickers in a twist — Gordon Newman has his heart, if not his words, in the right place. After all, as we are learning, civil liberties should never be taken for granted.