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Gunpowder and Geometry Reviews

Gunpowder and Geometry by Dr. Benjamin Wardhaugh

Gunpowder and Geometry

The Life of Charles Hutton, Pit Boy, Mathematician and Scientific Rebel

Dr. Benjamin Wardhaugh

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2 reviews

Imprint: William Collins
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 29 Jan 2019
ISBN: 9780008299958

Hard work, talent, and no small share of luck would take Charles Hutton out of the pit to international fame, wealth, admiration and happiness. The pit-boy turned professor would become one of the most revered British scientists of his day. This book is his incredible story.

4 stars out of 5
10 Feb 2019

"meticulous yet lively"

This engaging biography reveals a self-made man of remarkable drive... On page one, Wardhaugh describes Hutton’s story as “incredible”. By the end of this meticulous yet lively biography, even those who had never heard of its subject could hardly disagree.


4 stars out of 5
1 Feb 2019

"well worth reading"

Wardhaugh has done a good job of rescuing Hutton from obscurity and setting the man and his achievements in the context of their times. A minor irritation is that the thematic presentation of the various topics leads to some chronological jumping, which has the reader (at least, this reader) backtracking here and there to work out how the different events fit together. But this account of how ‘the pit boy turned professor’ became ‘one of the most revered British scientists of his day’ is well worth reading.