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Haldane by John Campbell

Haldane: The Forgotten Statesman Who Shaped Modern Britain

John Campbell

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Imprint: C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd
Publisher: C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd
Publication date: 16 Jul 2020
ISBN: 9781787383111

Can you name the creator of the Territorial Army and the British Expeditionary Force? The man who laid the foundation stones of MI5, MI6, the RAF, the LSE, Imperial College, the 'redbrick' universities and the Medical Research Council

4 stars out of 5
Max Hastings
28 Jun 2020

"Campbell’s book is not a biography, but rather an act of homage to a man for whom he asserts lifelong admiration: he has been visiting Cloan since boyhood."

Yet this intelligent book fulfils a purpose that the author defines in his introduction: “It aims to offer an example of statesmanship that we so vitally need today.” The supreme seriousness of Haldane’s career emphasises the triviality of his modern successors. Though an insensitive politician — rash enough to name his favourite dog Kaiser when anti-German sentiment was rising — his was a life of public service. Violet Bonham Carter wrote: “I have never known anyone who gave one such sense of greatness of mind and heart.”