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Here's One I Made Earlier Reviews

Here's One I Made Earlier by BBC

Here's One I Made Earlier: Classic Blue Peter Makes


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Imprint: Kyle Books
Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group
Publication date: 4 Oct 2018
ISBN: 9780857835130

With a foreword by Valerie Singleton.

  • The GuardianBook of the Year
4 stars out of 5
Ian Sansom
1 Dec 2018

"assembles the best of the old Blue Peter annuals"

Here’s One I Made Earlier assembles the best of the old Blue Peter annuals, including John Noakes showing you how to make the classic Advent crown from coat hangers and tinsel, and the bloke off The One Show demonstrating how to make Thunderbirds’ Tracy Island from cardboard and a squeezy bottle. Simpler times.