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Hitler's Peace by Philip Kerr

Hitler's Peace: gripping alternative history thriller from a global bestseller

Philip Kerr

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Imprint: Quercus Publishing
Publisher: Quercus Publishing
Publication date: 16 Apr 2020
ISBN: 9781529404128

Never before published in the UK: a gripping, masterful alternative history thriller from the author of the Bernie Gunther novels

4 stars out of 5
Jeremy Duns
20 Apr 2020

"a rich and intricately plotted thriller that is enjoyable on its own terms"

Kerr weaves a plot around these figures and several wartime events, from Katyn to the Cicero spy case and the Tehran conference at which Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill — “the Big Three” — met. That summit provides the book’s most obvious source of suspense, and earned its billing on publication in 2005 as an alternative history thriller. But while Kerr is typically bold in his imagining of events, much of the action cleaves closely to Operation Long Jump, the Nazis’ real plan to assassinate the Big Three at the conference. Along the way, Kerr incorporates several red herrings and twists, notably in a magnificent sequence covering Mayer’s voyage across the Atlantic on a battleship, which reads like the best of Eric Ambler.