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Hotel Cartagena Reviews

Hotel Cartagena by Simone Buchholz

Hotel Cartagena

Simone Buchholz

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1 review

Imprint: Orenda Books
Publisher: Orenda Books
Publication date: 4 Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781913193546

Chastity Riley and her friends are held hostage in a hotel bar by twelve armed men set on revenge, in a searing, breathtakingly original new thriller from the 'Queen of Krimi'

4 stars out of 5
Mark Sanderson
2 Mar 2021

"lives collide in a cunning climax that is shocking and deeply romantic"

When a dozen armed men invade the bar Chastity whiles away the time deciding which of the hostage-takers is the most attractive and flirts dangerously with Number One, their mysterious leader. She admits that she’s a “rather confusing kind of woman” before becoming confused herself as sepsis — caused by a cut from a piece of pineapple in a cocktail garnish — turns the explosive situation into a hallucinatory fairground ride. The nerve-racking narrative is seen from the viewpoints of Riley, Stepanovic — desperate to rescue her — and Number One, who left Hamburg 30 years ago for Colombia.