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How Not to Get Old by Jane Gordon

How Not To Get Old

One Woman's Quest to Take Control of the Ageing Process

Jane Gordon

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Imprint: Trapeze
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 7 May 2020
ISBN: 9781409194743

A funny, informative and entertaining exploration of the unexpected joy of getting older.

3 stars out of 5
11 Jun 2020

"a positive and life-affirming handbook"

The book is peppered with interesting scientific facts: orgasm increases blood flow to the brain, allowing oxygenation and nutrients to get there — and is, therefore, more stimulating than any intellectual challenge. Written in a jaunty, journalistic style, How Not To Get Old is an easy and enjoyable read and a useful addition to the pantheon of self-help books encouraging us to keep our lives full of new challenges. It does occasionally veer into schoolgirlish coyness when discussing subjects such as sex and life-drawing, with its attendant (tee-hee) nudity.


3 stars out of 5
6 May 2020

"most people facing up to the seventh and eighth decades will have an interest in one or two of her topics, and may be inspired"

It is very much a feature journalist’s book; plenty of quotes from doctors and gurus served without pesky value judgments, breezily overlaid with personal anecdotes and cosy self-deprecations — “I have two left feet . . . sheer laziness . . . never that confident behind the steering wheel . . . unpaid parking tickets . . . failed grade 1 piano . . . sense of spatial awareness has never been great” etc. The problem for a reader is that, as all of us in the trade know to our cost, this tactic tends to make any writer sound like what the Germans call an “Ich-bin-so” (“I’m like that”) or a teenager going, “That’s just me, innit.” It palls.