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How to Write One Song Reviews

How to Write One Song by Jeff Tweedy

How to Write One Song

Jeff Tweedy

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1 review

Category: Music, Non-fiction
Imprint: Faber & Faber
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Publication date: 3 Dec 2020
ISBN: 9780571367207

The idea of becoming a capital-S Songwriter can seem daunting, but when approached as a focused, self-contained practice, the mystery and fear subsides and songwriting becomes an exciting pursuit. How to Write One Song brings readers into this intimate process - lyrics, music and how they come together.

3 stars out of 5
Martin Chilton
19 Dec 2020

"he brings a simple, engaging style to his discursive songwriting manual"

How to Write One Song will appeal most directly to Wilco fans and aspiring lyricists, but there are appealing moments for the casual reader, especially when Tweedy reflects on his own career, his rejections, and his varied sources of inspiration. The author Henry Miller’s line, “Stand still like the hummingbird,” in a collection of stories and essays of the same name published in 1962, was the inspiration for a Wilco song. Tweedy offers eloquent pointers about the appeal of other songwriters. “Maybe you can create a place that makes someone feel like they’re floating weightless inside a small guitar the way Nick Drake’s ‘Pink Moon’ makes me feel, or maybe you can map some uncharted region the way Missy Elliott does with ‘Get Ur Freak On’,” Tweedy states.