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Imperial Legacies by Jeremy Black

Imperial Legacies: The British Empire Around the World

Jeremy Black

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Category: History, Non-fiction
Imprint: Encounter Books,USA
Publisher: Encounter Books,USA
Publication date: 25 Apr 2019
ISBN: 9781641770385

Britain yesterday; America today. The reality of being top dog is that everybody hates you. In this provocative book, noted historian and commentator Jeremy Black shows how criticisms of the legacy of the British Empire are, in part, criticisms of the reality of American power today

2 stars out of 5
Kim A Wagner
10 Aug 2019

"Rightwing identity politics that reject multiculturalism lie behind this attempt to relativise colonial excesses and rebut criticism of empire"

There is a legitimate case to be made against empire-bashing; the work of Shashi Tharoor, for instance, is in some ways problematic – empirically and analytically. In the heady atmosphere of Britain’s current crisis of identity, we are in desperate need of sober and nuanced interventions in the debate on empire and its legacies. Unfortunately, Black contents himself with fighting off an array of increasingly implausible straw men. If this is indeed a culture war, he joins the fray armed with little more than a strong commitment to Whig history. Like the rest of his copious oeuvre, Imperial Legacies is unencumbered by much in the way of research and instead of a bibliography we are offered what looks like a list of holiday destinations.