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In Case of Any News Reviews

In Case of Any News by Kenneth Roy

In Case of Any News

A diary of living and dying

Kenneth Roy

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1 review

Imprint: ICS Books
Publisher: ICS Books
Publication date: 24 Oct 2019
ISBN: 9780954652791
4 stars out of 5
Alan Massie
27 Nov 2019

"Read this book, which is wise, brave and often funny"

The book, 49,000 words of it, was written on his laptop in the last five weeks of his life, in pain and discomfort, an extraordinary feat. It is partly an account of the progress of the cancer and of the care, kindness and love he received from doctors, nurses, auxiliaries and cleaners, a tribute to the NHS; partly reminiscences, thoughts on Scottish culture and life, and unavoidably reflections on death. Here, quoting Boswell’s description of his visit to the dying David Hume – which he admires as a fine journalistic scoop – he agrees with the philosopher: no life after death, and no reason to be disturbed by the thought.