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India's Founding Moment by Madhav Khosla

India's Founding Moment

The Constitution of a Most Surprising Democracy

Madhav Khosla

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Imprint: Harvard University Press
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Publication date: 28 Feb 2020
ISBN: 9780674980877
4 stars out of 5
24 Feb 2020

"his intent is to give the liberal reader hope that democratic norms can survive even where they might least be expected to do so"

The book goes into forensic detail about the impulses that drove the authors of the constitution. Much of it is aimed at correcting what Khosla sees as misunderstandings in previous academic work on the subject and, therefore, will be of most use to the expert. But in demonstrating how India’s democratic tendencies were founded by the constitution rather than vice versa, he succeeds in his aim of placing the Indian constitution at least on a par with that of the US. For liberals in today’s India, Khosla’s celebration of the constitution might provide cold comfort.