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Inheritance Reviews

Inheritance by Leo Hollis

Inheritance: The Lost History of Mary Davies: A Story of Property, Marriage and Madness

Leo Hollis

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Imprint: Oneworld Publications
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publication date: 6 May 2021
ISBN: 9781786079954

The tragic story of madness, forced marriages and how the super-rich came to own London

4 stars out of 5
Helen Davies
8 May 2021

"This tale of a wealthy widow and her Mayfair inheritance is a historical romp"

Inheritance is a valiant and exhaustive piece of detective work. Hollis has pieced together a story of marriage negotiations, leaseholds, long journeys across Europe and accusations of lunacy from a bundle of legal documents — “deeds, covenants, leases and contracts” — and a handful of letters.