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Ireland in the European Eye Reviews

Ireland in the European Eye by Gisela Holfter, Bettina Migge

Ireland in the European Eye

Gisela Holfter, Bettina Migge

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1 review

Imprint: Royal Irish Academy
Publisher: Royal Irish Academy
Publication date: 20 Jun 2019
ISBN: 9781911479024
4 stars out of 5
Eamon Maher
4 Sep 2019

"provides an excellent analysis of Ireland’s various interactions with its European allies"

This essay collection provides an excellent analysis of Ireland’s various interactions with its European allies, from the early medieval period up to the present moment. The essays cover things as diverse as history, religion, literature, tourism, politics, trade, journalism, architecture, music and film in 22 chapters by experts from various disciplines, who serve up an informative and welcome survey that emphasises the historical ties that bind the Emerald Isle to its largest neighbour and the Continent... Although it will not be possible to treat of each individual chapter, they are all scholarly, yet accessible, which says a lot about the skill and hard work of the editors, Bettina Migge and Gisela Holfter, who obviously knew the type of contributor they wanted and the areas that would need to be covered. Clearly, some readers will have quibbles about topics which are absent, but that is inevitable when tackling a topic as wide-ranging as this... At €25, it is an absolute steal and I warmly urge readers to get themselves a copy without delay.