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John Nash Reviews

John Nash by Andrew Lambirth

John Nash: Artist and Countryman

Andrew Lambirth

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Imprint: Unicorn Publishing Group
Publisher: Unicorn Publishing Group
Publication date: 24 Oct 2019
ISBN: 9781916495708

Although there have been previous studies of Nash, this is the first full-length monograph to deal with all aspects of his career.

4 stars out of 5
21 Nov 2019

"this large and generously illustrated book should do much to revive the reputation of an exceptional and unjustly neglected artist"

The greatest strength of this book is that it makes you look again at Nash’s paintings, which are often a good deal less straightforward than they at first appear. Nash knew and understood the English landscape in the way of someone who actually lived and worked in it (hence Lambirth’s subtitle), and he made regular excursions in search of what he called ‘good bits’ — in the words of his friend Ronald Blythe, ‘some twist and turn in the land, some drawing together of elm and oak or, favourite of all, some old quarry or working springing its surprises below the cultivated surface’...Such observations show Lambirth at his best, but his book fails to find a satisfactory way to integrate Nash’s work with his life. The narrative aspires to the chronological, but is frequently interrupted with titled sections giving an overview of the individual lives of the most significant of Nash’s friends, some of whom have already been introduced piecemeal. This leads to a certain amount of repetition and chronological incoherence.