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Kamala's Way by Dan Morain

Kamala's Way

Dan Morain

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Imprint: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Publication date: 12 Jan 2021
ISBN: 9781398504851

A revelatory biography of the first Black woman to be elected Vice President of the United States. In Kamala's Way, longtime Los Angeles Times reporter Dan Morain charts how the daughter of two immigrants born in segregated California became one of this country's most effective power players.

4 stars out of 5
17 Jan 2021

"A new biography suggests Joe Biden has picked a VP who will not shrink from tackling the toxic legacy of Trump"

The daughter of a Jamaican-born economist and Indian-born cancer researcher, Harris embodies the American immigrant dream – and everything Donald Trump and his disgusting minions have spent four years seeking to destroy. Dan Morain is a former state political reporter for the Los Angeles Times and former editorial page editor of the Sacramento Bee but he doesn’t have any scoops in Kamala’s Way. He has done a workmanlike job of assessing her passions and her accomplishments. But often his best details are lifted directly from her own autobiography...


3 stars out of 5
Justin Webb
16 Jan 2021

"The new vice-president who emerges from the pages of this biography is accomplished and politically savvy, perhaps to a fault"

The Kamala Harris who emerges from these pages is accomplished and politically savvy, perhaps to a fault. She is firmly opposed to the death penalty and aware of the importance of a racially fair justice system, and yet when a black man, Kevin Cooper, was put on death row after being found guilty of murdering a white family, she refused, when she was attorney general of California (2011-17), to intervene to get the advanced DNA evidence his defence team demanded. She was accused in The New York Times of being one of the “flawed political leaders” who turned a blind eye to such injustices.