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Kiki & Jax Reviews

Kiki & Jax by Marie Kondo, Salina Yoon

Kiki & Jax

The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship

Marie Kondo, Salina Yoon

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1 review

Category: Children's
Imprint: Crown Books for Young Readers
Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers
Publication date: 5 Nov 2019
ISBN: 9780525646266

International tidying superstar and New York Times bestselling author Marie Kondo brings her unique method to young readers in this charming story about how tidying up creates space for joy in all parts of your life

4 stars out of 5
Emily Bearn
29 Nov 2019

"Marie Kondo’s Kiki & Jax introduces the young reader to a somewhat more privileged adult concern: the art of decluttering"

Kondo, the “international tidying consultant”, needs little introduction. Her uncompromising approach to an overstuffed wardrobe has been the subject of a bestselling book and a Netflix series, teaching us how to “transform cluttered homes into spaces of serenity, inspiration and joy”. The “transformational magic” of tidying has now inspired her first picture book. Co-written with Salina Yoon, it features two friends: Kiki, a squirrel who likes collecting, and Jax, an owl who likes sorting. As a result, the friendship (a thin allegory for marriage) comes under strain. Eventually, Kiki lets Jax help her sort her possessions into piles for keeping, donating, recycling and throwing away: “ ‘If it sparks joy in your heart,’ Jax said, ‘keep it! And if it doesn’t, thank it and let it go.’ "