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Lee Krasner: A Biography Reviews

Lee Krasner: A Biography by Gail Levin

Lee Krasner: A Biography

Gail Levin

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2 reviews

Imprint: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Publication date: 23 May 2019
ISBN: 9780500295281

The first full length account of Lee Krasner's colourful life.

3 stars out of 5
16 Jul 2019

"How do we properly judge Lee Krasner’s art?"

All this makes for unhappy, but also problematic, reading. In the foreword to her book, Levin is emphatic that Lee Krasner did not count herself a victim. Typically, when once asked, on a form, the question, “What was the greatest sacrifice you have made for your art?” she crisply replied, “I sacrificed nothing”. Yet Levin’s punctilious cataloguing of the sacrifices Krasner unquestionably did make – by no means least, the promotion of her husband’s career at the expense of her own – tells a different story. This in turn prompts the vexed question of whether we can properly judge Krasner’s art without taking on board the circumstances of its production: whether it is, whatever else, an art of oppression, and whether we need to bring a different critical gaze to it as a result.


3 stars out of 5
18 May 2019

"impressively researched biography"

Was Lee Krasner an artist’s widow of global stature, or an artist of global stature in her own right? After reading this welcome, if slightly lifeless, book, I decided the former.