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Line by Niall Bourke


Niall Bourke

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Imprint: Tramp Press
Publisher: Tramp Press
Publication date: 8 Apr 2021
ISBN: 9781916291423
3 stars out of 5
Sarah Moss
16 Apr 2021

"sharply funny and astute"

At sentence level, Bourke’s prose is spare and hard-working; the scene of a man being flayed alive is distressing without being voyeuristic and he writes well about physical pleasure and suffering. Emotion can be less well handled (“they were painted with a sadness, but a moist one”). I would have liked deeper characters; only Willard and Nyla have personalities and those consist mostly of the courage and curiosity required for the protagonists of a quest narrative. They have no flaws, no conversations or fears or desires beyond those required to drive the plot along a route that brings few surprises.