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Livingstone's London by Ken Livingston

Livingstone's London

Ken Livingston

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Category: Travel, Non-fiction, History
Imprint: Muswell Press
Publisher: Muswell Press
Publication date: 14 Jun 2019
ISBN: 9781999613570

As a passionate Londoner, Ken Livingstone has seen London change dramatically over the last 60 years. . With a witty and worldly eye he takes a look at his home town; the people, places and the politics that have shaped the landscape.

2 stars out of 5
24 Jul 2019

"the former mayor’s account offers no deep thinking about his impact on today’s London"

This is enjoyable in places, but disappointingly the book has very little detail about the contribution he himself made to today’s London – or even really whether he approves of what happened to it under his watch. Things just seem to occur – such as the Shard, a grotesque developer’s fantasy project that Livingstone enthusiastically backed in order to get a redesigned London Bridge station out of the proceeds, symbolising his Faustian second incarnation, where we got oligarchical skyscrapers in return for better bus stops... A left that wants to go beyond facades and Faustian pacts urgently needs a serious account of what Livingstone did and didn’t manage to get away with. Sadly, they won’t find it here.