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Mask Off by JJ Bola

Mask Off: Masculinity Redefined

JJ Bola

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Imprint: Pluto Press
Publisher: Pluto Press
Publication date: 20 Sep 2019
ISBN: 9780745338743

From Blurred Lines to gang signs, how does society cause toxic masculinity?

4 stars out of 5
Houman Barekat
12 Sep 2019

"This primer for young people is an antidote to Jordan Peterson"

While self-help gurus of the Jordan Peterson type nudge their readers towards the consolations of chauvinism – and, in so doing, fuel a grievance culture – Bola insists the only solution is to dismantle the entire concept of maleness as we have hitherto known it and replace it with “a masculinity that sees the necessity of the equality of genders for it to not only survive, but to thrive”. He is under no illusions about the scale of this task, which will require “a collective cultural and social transformation and shift in consciousness”. To this end Mask Off seeks to bridge the gap between two constituencies: the scholarly and activist milieux, which have their own established vernacular of critique and dissent; and the wider community of uninitiated younger readers who, while potentially sympathetic to feminist politics, may find some of its terms of reference opaque or intimidating.