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Mentors: How to Help and be Helped Reviews

Mentors: How to Help and be Helped by Russell Brand

Mentors: How to Help and be Helped

Russell Brand

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Imprint: Bluebird
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication date: 24 Jan 2019
ISBN: 9781509850884

Russell Brand explores the idea of mentoring and shares what he's learned from the guidance of his own helpers, heroes and mentors.

4 stars out of 5
27 Jan 2019

"After several false starts, Brand’s worldview has become surprisingly mature"

In this compact book with a huge heart, Brand suggests that the “wanting” wants to find meaning, love and connection, and that a “chain of mentorship” can help towards a solution. He introduces us to eight of his own mentors, reviewing his relationships with them and reflecting on how they have helped him in different areas of his life. There are fellow recovering addicts, therapists, spiritual guides, a martial arts instructor, a comedian. For Brand, a mentor is someone who “can guide you to the frontiers of your self” and unlock “the potential person that we can become”. Indeed, the book is self-consciously a hero’s journey, from lost youth to mentee to mentor and father.